Mikes Find Change By List 2019Have you ever wished for a script that would clean up myriads of small text errors? Things like extra spacebar spaces, hard returns, and tabs?

 Have you ever wished you had a script that corrected for em and en dashes, proper quote marks, and apostrophes? Maybe a bit of phone number format regularity as well? You might like to try FindChangeByListPLUS.jsx, an improvement on InDesign's pre-installed script.

Here is what this script accomplishes on your tagged or untagged text:

1. Find all multiple spaces and replace with single spaces.
2. Find spaces preceded by a return and remove the space. Improved over the original.
3. Find all spaces followed by a return and remove the space. Improved.
4. Find all double TAB characters and replace with single TAB characters. Improved.
5. Find a TAB preceded by a return character and remove the tab. Improved.
6. Find a tab followed by a hard return character and remove the tab. Improved.
7. Find all double returns and replace with single returns.
8. Find all space-hyphen-space and replace with an EN dash without spaces. Improved.
9. Find all hyphen-hyphen and replace with an EM dash without spaces. Improved.

As an improvement on the original script, the above find/changes won't change any applied paragraph styles within your text.

Additional features added on in this improved PLUS version:

10. Force all 10-digit phone numbers to conform to 3-dot-3-dot-4 pattern.
11. Find all single hyphens between two numbers and replace with an EN dash.
12. Find all soft return line breaks and remove them.
13. Find single ditto marks within contraction words and replace with apostrophes.
14. Find all single ditto marks and replace with single opening quotes.
15. Find single ditto marks and replace with single closing quotes.
16. Find all double ditto marks and replace with double quote marks.
17. Find single left quote marks to the left of two digits and replace with apostrophes.
18. Find all discretionary hyphens and remove them.

How to install this script into InDesign CC 2015 and 2014 (and also earlier versions):

1. Unzip the FindChangeByListPLUS.zip file to reveal the javascript and a FindChangeSupportPLUS sub-folder. Unzipping on Mac involves simply double-clicking the zip file. On Windows, you unzip by right-clicking the zip file, and choosing Extract All. You might also have a zip/unzip utility like 7zip, also available at the right-click, if you previously downloaded and installed it.

2. Select both the script and the sub-folder and either drag or copy 'n' paste to this folder location:

Mac OS X:
Users/Username/Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 10.0/en_US/Scripts Panel

Windows 7, 8, 10:
Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\InDesign\Version 10.0\en_US\Scripts\Scripts Panel

If you are in an earlier or later version, you would substitute "Version 10.0" with whatever version number you are installing into.

3. Restart InDesign CC 2014 (or your version) and open Window > Utility > Scripts. The resulting open panel will have your new script, FindChangeByListPLUS.jsx, ready to be double-clicked into action for cleaning up the many typing errors in your text.

Enjoy the quick cleanup power of the new and improved FindChangeByListPLUS.jsx!


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